Ashgrove Milk Full Cream 2L

$4.35 each ($2.18 per l)
Tasmanian Made

The Ashgrove milk label sums up our milk production perfectly ‘naturally farm fresh milk straight from the cows’. Delivered daily from the dairy straight to the factory for bottling, we don’t add anything to our milk as we believe it is perfect just the way it is. No permeate no milk solids or diluents. It is perfect for drinking, making fresh curd and baking. Our superior creamy flavour, and silky, glossy textured when steamed is ideal for making the perfect coffee.

Our full cream milk has a creamy and rich flavour which can only come from grass fed cows. Our full cream milk is pasteurised and homogenised which evenly distributes the cream throughout the milk.

The Ashgrove milk and cheese factory is located at Elizabeth Town, in the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania. Several generations of Bennett families have been farming the land surrounding the milk and cheese factory since the 1880’s.

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