Bulla Dollop Thick Cream 200ml

$1.99 each ($1.00 per 100ml)
Save $1.20

Crafted with care, Bulla Dollop Cream has been created especially for dolloping. With a consistent shape and perfect thickness, this cream is ideal for dolloping on the side of your favourite dessert, piping into cakes or filling pastries and other sweet treats.

* A rich dollop cream perfect for serving with desserts. It can also be used for cooking and piping. This cream can be used straight from the tub, no whipping required.

* Rich dollop cream, ideal for filling cakes and pastries, serving with desserts, requires no whipping.

Milk Fat - 35%

Can be whipped lightly with a whisk to produce a thicker consistency.

Lovely stirred through sauces, but excessive boiling not recommended.

Not suitable for freezing/thawing.

Bulla remains one of Australia’s largest family-owned dairy producers, and the brand now operates out of the country Victorian town of Colac. The rich fertile soil provides pure, creamy milk by the bucket-load – and this facilitates the growth of the Bulla brand and the diversity of Bulla dairy products.

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