Devondale Skim Milk 1L

$1.79 each ($1.79 per l)

Our Devondale Skim Milk is 99.9% fat free, a beauty for anyone wanting to stay trim and fit. But don’t worry, it still has 100% of that great taste. There’s no nonsense in our Skim Milk – it’s got no additives or preservatives, keeping you in great health.

* Cut down on your fat intake without cutting down on taste
* The goodness of milk with over 10 essential nutrients
* No preservatives
* Sealed in a special stay-fresh pack, so it stays fresh for up to 9 months

Call us biased, but we think our milk is the greatest. And as one of the top grocery brands nationally, we think Australians agree. The fact is, the only difference with long life milk and the usual stuff is that when it’s pasteurized, it is done at a higher temperature. Sealed in a special stay fresh pack, it stays fresh for up to 9 months, so you’ll never run out of milk again. From full cream to skim milk, you’ll find the same great taste and quality that you can rely on from all of our products.

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