Hill Farm Oil Garlic Canola 250ml

$10.49 each ($4.20 per 100ml)
Tasmanian Made
Gluten Free

Northern Tasmanian based company Hill Farm create multi-award winning products that showcase fresh, natural Tasmanian ingredients including, honey, pepperberries, mustard seeds, horseradish and berries. All the products are natural, with no added colours, artificial flavours or preservatives. They are of the highest quality and are HACCP quality assured. The canola and mustard seeds used in the preserves are grown at Redbank farm where Hill Farm is situated. Hill Farm also produces specialty products for world renowned chefs.

Hill Farm’s range of preserves include mustards, jellies, marmalades, jams, pastes, relishes, vinegars and oils.

GM-free oilseeds grown at Redbank have been mechanically squeezed to extract the oil and then filtered. No heat has been applied, leaving a more natural cooking oil with wonderful golden clarity of colour. The oilseeds are fully processed at Redbank farm from planting to bottling.

This beautiful pungent oi is a delicious and healthy replacement for garlic butter. Ideal for drizzling through pasta, over salads, using in homemade aioli or mayonnaise, or basting roast meats and vegetables. Wonderful with prawns, seafood and added to pesto.


Gluten free, Low sodium.

Place of Origin

Locally made. Taste Tasmania.

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