Huon Classic Selection Smoked Salmon 90gm

$5.85 each ($65.00 per kg)
Tasmanian Made

Our Classic cold smoked salmon is a favourite for lunches on the go at a convenient price point.

We often get asked what the difference is between our Classic and our Premium cold smoked salmon. It's the same salmon, smoked for just as long, with just as much care. The only difference is the trimming.

In Classic you'll still find some of the brown meat on the slices whereas in Premium you won't. There is nothing wrong with the brown meat and in fact some people believe it is the tastiest trim of smoked salmon as it has a deep, rich smokey flavour.

The pristine waters of the Huon River, Hideaway Bay and the Southern Ocean in Tasmania, have proven to be the ideal location to raise healthy, flavoursome Atlantic salmon. With water fed by tributaries that start in World Heritage Wilderness Areas, air that’s refreshed by the famous Roaring Forties and fertile soil that spawned flourishing apple orchards, Atlantic salmon thrive in the unspoilt environs of Tasmania.

Product of Tasmania

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