Mersey Valley Cheddar Pickled Onion 235gm

$7.90 each ($33.62 per kg)
Tasmanian Made

Mersey Valley is Australia's best loved vintage club cheddar!

Mersey Valley vintage club cheddar was created over 35 years ago, and is named after the fertile farmlands of the Mersey Valley region, in Tasmania’s unspoilt Cradle Country.

Sharp and crumbly with unique melt in your mouth texture, Mersey Valley vintage club cheddar will have you hooked from that first bite.

A flavoursome combo of Mersey Valley Original with the lively addition of pickled onion. This variety is made with brown pickled onions which are produced 25 minutes down the road from the Mersey Valley cheese factory! This product is so unique that occasionally it’s out of stock in retailers, due to the fact we have to wait for the onions to pickle.

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