Nichols Maryland (trayed)

Approximately $3.81 each ($6.99 per kg)
Tasmanian Made

We believe not all chickens are created equally. Since the 1980’s, Nichols have been perfecting our birds in our clean and pure natural environment, with locally sourced feed and ingredients. All our birds are air chilled, so there is no added water or chlorine, meaning that the natural flavour is retained creating tastier, more nutritious poultry products.

Nichols Poultry was established in the early 1980s when founder Rob Nichols and his family emigrated from Leicestershire in England to Sassafras in Tasmania. The business has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected meat brands in Tasmania. Consumer research conducted in 2016 demonstrated that consumers trust Nichols to be a source of high quality chicken.

Commitment to environmental responsibility is pivotal to Nichols’ sustainability model, driven by Rob’s support of innovative renewable energy. Nichols Poultry currently generates 50% of its power requirements from its wind turbine and the business has plans to increase this self-sustaining approach with a second turbine in the future.


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