No 9 Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter 375gm

$8.99 each
Gluten Free
*** NEW ***

Golden roasted Hi-Oleic Peanuts from Australia's Peanut Capital, Kingaroy QLD. Freshly milled to Peanut Butter perfection and mixed with rich and creamy dark chocolate made by Cadbury.

  • Small batch and hand crafted with love
  • Naturally nutritious and extra delicious
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • We keep it real with no added sugars, oils or nasty stuff
  • GMO free. Gluten free. Dairy free. Vegan
  • Made in Whitsundays, QLD with 100% Australian ingredients

Kingaroy's finest golden roasted Hi-Oleic Peanuts (89.5%) Cadbury Dark Chocolate (10%) and a sprinkle of Olsson Macrobiotic Sea Salt (0.5%) freshly milled to peanut butter perfection and combined with rich and creamy dark chocolate.

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