Onions - Brown - 1kg Bag

$1.99 each ($1.99 per kg)
Tasmanian Made

These all purpose onions have either brown or yellow skins, and come in a variety of sizes. Use in stews and for frying, roasting and stuffing. They have quite a strong flavour, which becomes milder and sweeter when cooked. They are not a good onion for eating raw.

Cutting: There are many suggestions for reducing the effects of onion-chopping. Try one of these steps to overcome the discomfort; soak the onions in water for 30 minutes or chill them before peeling; peel them under an open window or exhaust fan; or breathe with your mouth open. Wear sunglasses. Use a very sharp knife as this will give a cleaner cut.

To chop an onion, first peel and half it, then place it, flat side down, on a board before slicing and chopping. Do not prepare onions in advance as they quickly oxidise and can taste unpleasant.

To Store: Store onions in a dark well-ventilated place such as the pantry, as exposure to light can cause bitterness. Don't store near potatoes.

Place of Origin

Product of Tasmania

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