Red Kelly's Creamy Caesar Dressing 250ml

$3.75 each ($1.50 per 100ml)
Tasmanian Made
Gluten Free

Our Caesar Dressing is the ideal ready-to-use accompaniment for a traditional and delicious Caesar salad. Creamy Egg Yolk, Sharp Parmesan, Salty Anchovy and a touch of Roasted Garlic all blended in small batches deliver this superb favourite! Try adding a new dimension to potato and pasta salads!

Twenty years ago the Kelly family in northern Tasmania used premium, local products to enhance a range of delicious food condiments that made their little restaurant (Red Kellys of Westbury) a favourite haunt for locals and travellers alike. Many of these ingredients like the Tasmanian Pepperberry are native to our pristine island state and harvested from wild forests that thrive in our temperate climate.

No artificial flavours or colours • Gluten free • GMO free • 100% Australian family owned


Filtered Water, Australian Canola Oil (cold pressed), Parmesan Cheese Powder (4%) [dairy], Crushed Mustard Seeds, Australian Sugar, Egg Yolk Powder, Food Acids (260, 330), Anchovy Powder [fish], Natural Thickeners (Vegetable Gums), Cracked Black Pepper, Roasted Garlic Granules, Salt, Spices.

Place of Origin

Product of Tasmania

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