Spreyton Fresh Tasmanian 100% Apple Juice 300ml

$2.00 each ($6.67 per l)
Tasmanian Made

Made with 100% Aussie Fruit, No added anything!

It takes 3 kilos of apples to make a 2 Litre bottle of Juice, taste the apples in season at the time of production.

Spreyton Fresh is a small family owned Tasmanian company producing & distributing Premium Quality Fresh Fruit & Juices. Orchard production began 4 generations ago in 1908, when our Great Grandparents established one of the first apple orchards in the Mersey Valley, Spreyton.

Remember when fruit juice was just that, real fruit, real juice and un-real flavour? At Spreyton Fresh we believe that's how juice should be. That's why today, we make the tastiest of juice from only real fruit, just the way it should be.

Tasmania’s temperate climate produces arguably the best apples in the world, which we turn into the finest apple juice in the world. When you purchase our apple juice, you can be sure of a product containing only the best quality apples that are still crisp with good brix levels. If you wouldn’t eat them we wouldn’t juice them!

Our Apple Juice is made from 100% Tasmanian apples, with the majority grown on our own orchards using biologically sustainable systems. There is no filtering out of the fibre, no artificial flavours, no added water or sugar – just juice, pure and simple.

Made fresh every week, we cold-press the apples, micro-flash pasteurise and cold fill to retain flavour. That means we don’t cook all the goodness out of the fruit and gives a product that still tastes like fresh apples rather than stewed apples. To maintain freshness all our juices must be kept refrigerated at less than 4 degrees Celsius and be consumed within 7 days of opening.

Place of Origin

Product of Tasmania

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