Scottsdale Middle Bacon

$25.00 per kg
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Real goodness, paddock-bred in the Cuckoo Valley Tasmania.

Scottsdale Pork is a family owned business and has been operating from Tasmania's north-east for over 20 years. Our culture of continual improvement ensures our pigs are nurtured through the highest standards to produce a tasty, juicy, natural pork with a superb eating experience.

Welfare is first on our farm - every effort is made to ensure our pigs are comfortable, happy and contented. Our team of highly trained stockmen are passionate about our pigs, ensuring they are kept safe and warm.

Our feed is mixed on-farm in the Cuckoo Valley. This allows us to source the best and freshest ingredients and gives us full control of each animal's diet. Diets consist of a complex blend of cereals, legumes, vitamins and minerals, which we freshly mill each day so our pigs are receiving the finest, freshest nutrition.

On the farm at Scottsdale Pork we run three pig breeds. You might now be asking - why three breeds? The reason is simple – the three different breeds crossed with each other, result in pork meat with the best tenderness.

Our pork is produced from pigs that have been fed on the freshest natural products – that’s why our fresh pork is naturally juicy and does not require additives to be pumped into it. It's just 100% natural pork.

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