Singles Fruit & Veg Box

$26.00 each

With enough fresh produce to feed one person for a week our Fruit and Veg Singles Box is simply bursting with fresh produce!

This box contains a superb selection of what's in season combined with all your regular favourites like apples and carrots!

You'll find each week differs just enough to give your diet some variety.

This Weeks Contents:

1 x butternut pumpkin half
2 x carrots
1 x zucchini
1 x corn on the cob
1 x cucumber
handful mushrooms
1 x brocolli
1 x green capsicum
2 x tomatoes
1 x onion
1 x garlic
2 x potatoes
1 x bunch basil
1 x tangello
1 x kiwi fruit
2 x oranges
2 x mandarins
1 x avocado
1 x pear
2 x apples

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