Williams Tasmanian Rye Bread 900g

$4.99 each ($0.55 per 100g)
Tasmanian Made
Weekly Specials

Made from one little ingredient. Soul.

Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful Tassie story in the making for 170 years.

From the home of legendary trail blazer William Cripps, lush landscapes and sky piercing peaks, comes a bread rich in spirit. A place where quality is paramount. A proud and humble essence deep routed in history that takes great satisfaction in that heritage and the flavours they harvest

There is no question the Cripps Family name is synonomous with baking in Tasmania. Transported in 1844, William Cripps, a young baker from Sussex, served his probationary labour as a station cook and baker. Freed, he ran Suttons bakery in Sandy Bay in 1860 and established a thriving family business. They were truely a rare breed the Cripps. Hewn from traditional family values. His vocation of traditional baking methods and techniques and traditional lifestyle from their homeland, they stuck to their guns, rowed their own race, wheeled their own barrow and in great fashion, created their own tradition and culture, true to the Tasmanian essence and spirit.

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