Specials, Discounts & Giveaways

Advertised Catalogue Specials

Our eight page catalogue is available in-store every Tuesday or by e-mail by signing up electronically by {clicking here}. It contains weekly fresh and grocery specials that also highlight products from the quarterly locked down low price specials. Spotlights of our weekly specials are also advertised through digital, newspaper and television distribution.

Mike’s Weekly Savers

As the saying goes a rich person looks for specials and poor people need them. In other words we love to look for specials. We make this easy for you by creating over a thousand in-store specials each week so that there is no need to hunt for specials that you need, they find you, with specials in every department, every bay and every corner of the store.

LDLP Program

We've locked down prices on a range of products across the store help you save even more. They’re not weekly specials, but locked in low prices for a minimum of three months. It’s another part of helping save even more with us.

Senior shoppers’ discount

We value and respect the contribution that our senior citizens have made over the years. That is why we reward our Tasmanian Seniors Card holders with a special 5% discount* on their grocery purchases on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. To obtain the additional discount, simply present your valid and current Tasmanian Seniors Card to the cashier. *Non Eligible Purchases - The 5% Seniors Discount will not apply to the following; 

  • Already reduced items (specials and other marked down items)
  • With other in-store offers such as loyalty programs
  • Tobacco & Cigarettes
  • Phone/recharge cards Cards
  • Newspapers
  • Gift card and Gift voucher purchases

French’s rewards card

Our rewards card has been designed from the ground up to recognise our regular shoppers and to be able to tailor our service to them. There is no cost to join and on the spot cards are provided instantly once an application form has been completed. For every Dollar you spend, you receive a 1 cent credit on your card. This credit is available for your next transaction and to earn credits and to claim them simply present your card. One way to take advantage of your card is to use it as a Christmas/Easter club card by purchasing or accumulating credits throughout the year and redeeming them within those periods. Link your spouse or childrens’ accounts credits into one account to maximise your family’s accumulated credits.

IGA Youngtown Price Match Promise

Price Match

Each week prices of 100s of everyday products are checked against Woolworths and Coles everyday shelf price and we match the lowest price (excludes promotions & specials). This means we do all the work for you. You don’t have to do a thing! It’s just one way we as an IGA deliver great value. Which means you’re free to shop independent without taking a hit in the pocket.


Everyone loves something for nothing! We love to give something away to our shoppers and we regularly hold giveaways. These can take the form of a raffle or a contest and previous giveaways have been 10kg chocolate blocks, $100 platters, gift cards, a tool box, a BBQ to name a few. There’s always a giveaway on the horizon so keep a look out and best of luck. Regular shoppers don’t even have to give their details as if they shop they are automatically entered!